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Remembering Events

“We are not separated from the Source of Love; Love is always available. By bringing Love to every situation and in every circumstance you will remember and know that You are what Love is and that every identification with something different is an illusion.”

- Rananda

A Remembering Event is an intensive and joyful gathering. We meet with the willingness to let go of blockages that hinder our awareness of Love.

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Rananda radiates like a clear light in which we come to face our hidden and limiting ideas. At the same time he shows us that we can choose again in every moment. From his passion he incites us to come alive in our love for God, our brothers and ourselves.


He guides every meeting quite spontaneously and the course of the program reflects what the group needs in that moment. It is always a surprise what it looks like, except that the Holy Spirit is in control.

The Presence of a Master is very helpful in our transformation. What is it like to be with someone who is passionately in love with God and has a good laugh at the ‘reality’ of the ego and whose only function it is to remind us that Joy, Peace and Love are our birthright?


A Remembering Event includes teachings with Rananda. Transference of the Golden Christ Energy, singing, dancing, silent walks, prayer sessions and improvisation are also part of the program.

yoga staand buiten zonnestralen bewerkt.

Below some experiences of participants to Remembering Events:

“Remembering Events always lift me up to a higher frequency in which everything is simple, where all cause for worry, anxiety, fear and loss simply has disappeared from my awareness. They make me realize how important it is to carefully guard my thoughts because they have an immediate effect on where I find myself: lost in a world of separation or at Home in God. This is no small thing and I feel very privileged that I can attend these events.”


“Remembering Events invite me to come into the NOW. I cannot entertain stories. I have come to see that this is the biggest help possibly available because only outside of time and space is healing possible. Everything else is in time and space, which is transitory. Therefore I am endlessly grateful for all the moments given me to spend in the Presence of a Master in the NOW. I learn to extend these moments in my daily life.”

“I attended three of the nine days of the nine day event with the title ‘Give LOVE a Chance’. Only three, for why would I allow my Self a nine day gift, that would be too much to accept!!! Right from the start I felt at ease and the energy during those three days increased and increased thanks to beautiful teachings, dancing and practices, so I began to feel like a flower opening in broad daylight. And on the last day this shifted from fear to the urge to share my issue. I had a strong physical response, which released me from really old pains!!! I am so happy to give Love a chance. I came open, asked for nothing and received what I needed.” 

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