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Rananda– The Innermost Light That Reveals Joy

That is also what you might experience when you are present at his teachings.


Rananda is a realized master and a gift for serious students searching for awareness and awakening. A spiritual master is a rare being having realized his true Self, his Oneness with the Divine. This is available when you are present at his Remembering Events.


Rananda’s mind is always open to speak the Truth he has received in his awakening. You become aware that he is living it, which gives a great depth to his teachings. Rananda lives in close connection with and deep surrender to God and shares this dedication with his students. This is rare to encounter in this life.


Rananda, born in the USA, founded a church, Magnum Opus Ministry. When he came to the Netherlands, we began a daughter church here: Magnum Opus Ministries Nederland.

Rananda says it is possible to live in close connection with Jesus’ mind and that his Presence is always available for us. Jesus, realizing total Love, did not die. He knows his eternity and recognizes that it includes all mankind. Because of his realization we have the possibility of joining our minds with his and awaken. 


Being with an awakened mind like Rananda’s is a great help to join in the Truth. His sole purpose is to end the suffering of humanity. His teaching helps to remove the blocks that you place in your mind to not know the Love you really are, the Truth of your Being. You will experience the empowerment to choose happiness instead of pain.

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