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Magnum Opus Ministries Nederland

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Magnum Opus stands for The Great Work of Love – the realization that the unchanging state of Love is our only Reality. This state of Love is our natural state, which does not need to be acquired and has always been. We are and remain as God created us.


Every moment we choose for thoughts that lead to the memory of this state or which block its awareness. Thoughts of Oneness and Love lead to Oneness and Love; thoughts of separation and fear lead to separation and fear. With that we acknowledge that all healing takes place in the mind. It is our purpose to share this with everyone.


Our activities are directed at awakening the memory of this unchanging nature of Love in us. To awaken from the dream of separation and illusion (ego) we have to train our minds to only listen to thoughts of Love and Oneness (Holy Spirit).


We acknowledge that by accepting the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can accomplish The Great Work of Love.

Instantaneous Healing Temple

Part of our mission is the realization of an Instantaneous Healing Temple. A place in time and space where healing of mind and body takes place immediately.


Choosing for God’s Love in every moment increases the frequency/intensity of Light to such an extent that pain and suffering in whatever form become impossible, leading to instantaneous healing.


We are incredibly grateful that through God this project has been able to develop to what it is now.


Does this stir up something in you? Maybe this is the moment to answer the call or the whisper in your heart. Would you like to join with this vision?

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