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Remembering Events with Rananda


Data 2024

March 09-10, 'Bring A Brother Home With You'


March/April 30-14, 'Doorway To Next Dimension Is Open'

16 day Remembering Event

May 18-19-20, 'Pentecost'

3 day weekend

June 15-16, 'Holy Father'


July 06-14, 'Freedom of Home'

9 day Remembering Event

August 10-11, 'Devotion'


For everybody interested in wanting to live in accordance with a A Course in Miracles we are always available to help you and share what we have learned ourselves. You may contact us for a privat meeting and/or an introduction to 'The Course'. We are happy to answer all your questions. Please contact us via

Church is every Sunday morning 10.00 - 12.00. Please be present in the room by 09.50

During a weekend or retreat with Rananda all other activities as well as church are cancelled.

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