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Healing Events and the Golden Christ Energy 


Our path is the path of Love.

The Golden Christ Energy is the energy of Love.

A characteristic of Love is that it extends and includes everything.

During the healing gatherings we join with the Golden Christ Energy; this frequency of Love brings us in the awareness that we are one with God and that separation is an illusion.

The transference takes place through laying on of hands. Expect a miracle of Love! Know that this is the real answer to all physical, emotional and spiritual pain.

The events are experienced by many as a coming Home and a deep opening up for the Presence of Love.

We warmly welcome you to experience what the energy of Love can do in your heart!

In case of sufficient interest a healing gathering can be organized.

After consultation we are also available for individual healing sessions at your home and at a distance.

Feel free to contact us.

Below some experiences of participants:

“Golden light everywhere, in every cell of my body. I even got a sense of levitation. That’s how powerful it was. After the laying on of hands I felt my chest opening more and more. It is hard to describe. It was as if something stiff or an iron grid had been removed from my upper body.”

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“The moment I felt radiating hands touch my body, all thoughts disappeared. There was only breath, a sense of gratitude and the awareness of oneness. I was surrendered and my migraine (an 8.5 on the Richter scale) had disappeared immediately. Instantly! I still felt weak and had some nagging muscles, but the earthquake in my head had settled down in one instant.”

“New insights, healing, love, words fail me!”

More about The Golden Christ Energy


The Golden Christ Energy is the Energy of Love. It is the original Energy from which the idea of separation, the great illusion, began. This idea includes the thought that we are separated from God (Source, Oneness, Perfection, Eternity, Wholeness, etcetera. Within the manifestation the Golden Christ Energy can be extremely subtle, transformational, powerful and beneficial.


The Golden Christ Energy and Oneness!

The basic idea, called Reality, is that the state of Oneness is our original, (natural) state of being. By joining with our Oneness we are capable of sharing the Golden Christ Energy with everyone. It is possible to “shine the light of our mind into the mind of another person” (quote from A Course in Miracles). Everyone is connected with the Golden Christ Energy and capable of receiving It.


What happens during the transmission?

Those who transmit the Golden Christ Energy usually do this by laying their hands on the head of the receiver. The transmission of Golden Energy is instantaneous. The high-frequency energy has an effect on both the giver and the receiver. The brain waves change and that enables us – through the quantum experience of Oneness – to open up to healing, both spiritual and physical.


What is the ego?

If we are not aware of our Oneness we will choose for the thought system of the ego. The ego embraces a thought system that supports the idea that we are separated from God (Source, Oneness, Perfection). When we are focused on the ego, our daily experience is that we differ from one another. Through the centuries there have been people who realized this is not true and that our Reality is of the nature of Oneness. This realization is called Enlightenment.


What is the effect of the Golden Christ Energy?

The Golden Christ Energy allows for the mind to no longer identify with the ego but with the memory of the natural state of Oneness and communion with God.


Transformation in the mind

Transformation first happens in the mind and then in the body. Transformation means: the reversal in the mind of the acceptance of the thought system of the ego to the eternal thought system of the Self (Spirit) in which Oneness is known. You may be aware that you are capable of taking feelings of fear, anger, sadness and the like to the healing Light. When you are aware of these thoughts you can always ask Sprit for help. We invite the Golden Christ Energy in our awareness and allow It to do what It does so naturally. You will notice that thoughts about yourself and/or the world around you change. This change can be significant and sudden or very gradual. All of it is the effect of the Golden Christ Energy in her quantum movement.


Transformation and the body

All healing is of the mind! All transformation of the body always follows the healing of the mind. The DNA and RNA in the brain cells change, which allows for Enlightenment. The brain activity moves from the parietal brain lobe to the frontal brain lobe, which works synchronically with the third eye.


To support your transformation we advise to drink lots of water, have a good rest and be kind to yourself after receiving the energy.

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