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Een cursus in wonderen

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Een cursus in wonderen avond 

Elke donderdagavond van 19.30 tot 21.00 uur wordt een onderwerp uit de cursus door een leraar belicht. We gaan met elkaar op zoek naar de praktische toepassing van de concepten uit Een cursus in wonderen. Indringend, inspirerend en levendig. Laat ons aub weten als je aan deze avond wilt deelnemen.

A Course In Miracles Study Meeting


Would you like an introduction into A Course in Miracles? Do you need help with practical application of the concepts? We offer the possibility to find your way in this beautiful book with the help of an experienced teacher of the Course.

eciw 2 If you knew who walks beside you
eciw 3 A sense of separation from God is

A Course in Miracles through Skype


If you are not able to come to us, we offer the possibility to read together and experience the Course through Skype. 

Personal Talk


If you need support in your spiritual practice we from MOM Nederland are available for a personal talk. Together we open up for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and allow His Light to shine on questions, lack of clarity and lack of peace. 

You can contact us through ++31 436011746


For further information about activities above you can contact

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