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Deepening Program 

Are you sincerely open to the message of A Course In Miracles? Do you long for a deepening of your spiritual practice? Then this could be what you have been waiting for!

Throughout the year MOM Nederland offers the possibility to enter into a deepening program in a beautiful environment in the Netherlands. You can enter the program for a period varying from two days to two months.

Strengthen your relationship with the Holy Spirit

The program focuses on:

  • Deepening your contact with the Holy Spirit

  • Invoking a state of miracle-mindedness

  • Strengthening your dedication to God to wake up from this dream

  • Opening up to Love

  • Acknowledging and healing of limiting patterns

  • Getting in contact with the willingness for change

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Personal attention


Step out of your worldly activities and lead a life of dedication and focus. Immerse in the presence of Love, discover the patterns that hinder the experience of Love and share your experiences and joy with brothers who walk the same path.


During your stay you can choose to focus on something specific. For example, the healing of special relationships. Or maybe you like to go more deeply into what it means to be really miracle-minded. Another possibility is that you want to be more in prayer because you don’t get down to that at home. 

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The place where you stay is geared towards training the mind and learning to apply forgiveness in the way Jesus explains in A Course in Miracles.


It is a safe environment where you don’t need to hide anything and can have a sincere look at what is going on inside of you.


Loving, personal guidance is part of the program that is focused on healing of the mind; choosing for Love instead of fear.

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Daily parts of the program include:

  • Reading from A Course In Miracles

  • Prayer

  • Movement

  • Service, both indoors and outdoors

  • Healing sessions with the Golden Christ Energy

  • Watching DVDs and listening to CDs from Rananda

  • Sharing your experiences with your personal guide


Send an email to en we will contact you. We look forward to welcome you!



“For me this is what the Deepening Program stands for: an older brother who is there for you on the path to freedom and who assists you throughout the day. A day you have dedicated to increasing your awareness and happiness can mean a huge speeding up of your journey.”

“With gentle but robust encouragement of my guides I was able to find places in myself where I usually do not dare to go.”


“Because I was persuaded to let go of my own version of myself – which certainly was not always comfortable for me – a true self could emerge that has always been and will always be.”

“I am deeply grateful for everyone who makes this beautiful program possible.”


“Also because of the loving guidance old patterns and ideas became clearer and could I choose to let them go.”

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“I am grateful for the space that was provided to discover what is going on inside of me and what I really want.” 


“One of the things I discovered is that it is EASY to allow the Light into my awareness; I only need to provide space – and of course – allow its Presence in my heart.”


“I was encouraged to join with Holy Spirit again and again and thus discover for myself what I have placed between myself and Love.”


“This really is a wonderful way to learn to put the Course into practice.”

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