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"God is great! But you really need that place in your mind where your master is the highest value of all, within the dream. Because masters take it upon themselves to lead you out. Their life is dedicated to you.

And what are you dedicated to? You see, masters are extremely unusual that they are willing to be like that. So you might need to take a look in your mind as to why it is that you think and have the relationship that you think you have with a master.

What I have learned, it is the most valuable, because of the possibility of what happens for the unawakened to join with the awakened one and save yourself hundreds of lifetimes of pain and suffering...."

Blue Aquarius was a band of musicians who were followers of Guru Maharaji, Prem Pal Singh Rawat in 1972/73. They were a "big band" similar to Blood, Sweat and Tears comprising rock musicians, brass players and strings.

Guru Maharaji initiated Rananda into meditation and sparked Rananda’s entrance into the remembrance of devotion (Bhakti Yoga). Rananda remained active with Divine Light Mission until 1985 when he began to experience his out of time masters calling him once again.

Waiting the word of the Master Watching the Hidden Light Listening to catch His Orders In the very midst of the fight I'm listening to catch His Orders In the very midst of the fight

Seeing His slightest signal Across the head of the throng Hearing His faintest whisper Above earth's loudest song. I'm hearing His faintest whisper Above earth's loudest song

By His grace

By His grace

At the Feet of the master Well you can really let it go Let it flow Cause we're all love We're all love

We're all love

We're all love We're all love, love, love

By His grace

That Is The Whole Idea!

Fire has a love for itself-

It wants to keep burning.

It is like a woman

Who is at last making love

To the person she most desires.

Find a Master who is like the Sun.

Go to His house

In the middle of the night.

Smash a window.

Act like a great burglar.

Jump in.


Gather all your courage-

Throw yourself into His bed!

He will probably kill you.


That's the whole idea!

This poem is found in the book "I heard God Laughing" poems of Hope and Joy.

Renderings of HAFIZ by Daniel Ladinsky 

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