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There Is No World

Rananda teaching from Lesson 132 of A Course in Miracles during the 3 week Remembering Event Lift Me into Your Presence at Orvelte in 2009.

Rananda: The lesson for today is: I loose the world from all I thought it was.

What I want to look at is that Reality is lawful like the law of cause and effect. And - I am telling you that - if Reality is a cause, it can only be a cause of more Reality. It cannot be a cause of an illusion. Reality cannot cause an illusion and an illusion cannot cause Reality. However, every cause is exactly like the effect! So, an illusion, if it is a cause, could only cause an illusion. And, if an illusion is an effect, it can only be caused by an illusion.

But if it is an illusion, it cannot be a cause. It has to be real to be a cause. It cannot be nothing. It is just what an illusion is. It is not Reality. It is an illusion! It is nothing!

Listener: Nothing can only cause nothing!

Rananda: And, it cannot be a cause! This is huge! Don’t miss this one! I will not tell the world what it is! I loose it from all I thought it was! I will have no thoughts about it anymore! I will not tell it what it is. I loose it from all I thought it was! What a statement! Is that possible? You can do that? You know what? Then, it must occur!

It is not pride which tells you that you made the world you see, and that it changes as you change your mind. But it is pride that argues you have come into a world quite separate from yourself, impervious to what you think, and quite apart from what you chance to think it is.

That is pride. That is arrogance. There is no world! Say what!?

There is no world! This is the central thought the course attempts to teach.

Did you hear that? The central idea that A Course in Miracles wants to teach you is that there is no world! OK. Now we are out of the closet. Right? We are not hiding the basic teaching of A Course in Miracles any longer. It is teaching you: There is no world!

You know you are completely absurd when you say that, right? You have no meaning in this world any longer. Because, there is no world! This world is not going to accept you for telling that message. There it is! Page 243, lesson 132 of A Course in Miracles.

There is no world! This is the central thought the course attempts to teach. Not everyone is ready to accept it, and each one must go as far as he can let himself be led along the road to truth. He will return and go still farther, or perhaps step back a while and then return again.

Because that is what tried to happen to me in my Awakening. There was an attempt to try to prove that I could die, while at the same time - this is what we call the borderland, right - at the same time, there was this idea like, “It is impossible! There is no such thing as death!” “Yes, there is, watch!” “No, there isn’t. You cannot use the physical world as proof.” “Oh yes, watch!”

Both of the ideas, the ideas of ego and the ideas of Spirit, they are both in your mind. You keep them separate. You consider that sanity and safe. You keep these things separate! But, when you are interested in Awakening, they get brought together! So, finally, you can see! They are both there, side by side! You can, finally, have an alternative to death! Because, in that moment, Life is real, as is death trying to be real. They are there together. You keep them separate. Life is here and this is when there is no Life. This is death. But, when you bring them together, something has to happen. Only one of them can survive! Only one of them is going to be Life. Only one of them is going to be part of real: Reality! And, that is where the illusion has to fall away, unless you are more attracted to it than you are to Light. And, every time that you have died, you have been more attracted to death than you were to Life! Every time!

It bothers me that I teach and people come and they take this and they get all juiced up and, then, they go out and they continue to try to die in the world and continue to try to find things in the world to make them happy. That all I did was make them happy for a little bit, so they could go back and keep trying. But, that is not what I do! I am teaching you to give up the world! To give up your attempt to try to find something in it that is valuable, and to use it as a place - simply and only and singularly - where you wake up. Be grateful and happy. It is a place where you are waking up! Use it that way, rather than trying to find something out there that is going to satisfy something that you feel you are lacking.

You have to change your mind about this world. It is a fine line between accepting the condition and knowing in that moment what is required for the condition to disappear. It is a fine line, because you have to be disturbed enough to continue to want the change; but you cannot be disturbed to where you don’t accept the Will, because, then, the disturbance is, “It is real. The illusion is real!”

You know what I am saying? You have to be disturbed enough to want change! But you cannot be disturbed enough to make it real in your mind. That is the tricky part because, where is that fine line? Well, there is only one knowledgeable instrument that knows the fine line! That we have labelled the Holy Spirit! That is why the foundation and the basis of what I teach you is: the necessity of having a living relationship with the Holy Spirit. Because, without that you don’t have the One That sees it all.

You have your wisdom, which is kind of nice, right? And, you have friends who have some wisdom and that is kind of nice, right? And, then, you have a Master who has more experiences than you do, which is helpful, right? But you have got the direct communication with the One Who knows everything within you! And, when you have got that connection and it is a live connection, then you have got everything you need, because that is the Voice for God and God is Everything you need.

So, we each play our part. We play a part as a brother. We play a part as a Master. We play a part of the Holy Spirit. We play a part of the awakened Jesus Christ Mind. They are all parts that get played. None of them is more valuable than the other.

It is like complete! It is a whole! It is a whole picture!

Hello? People of this world, you are not less than the Son of God! You are mistaken and you continue to hold this world in the chains of your beliefs!

I’d like you to start questioning who you are. Because you are mistaken about your self-identity. You are not less than the Son of God! Sorry. You can play that role, you can play those games but, you know, you cannot fool me! You can try to fool yourself. You can try to fool your neighbour. You can try to fool your husband and your wife and your children and your teachers and the people you work with. You can try to fool anybody in this world that you want, but you’ll never succeed in fooling me!

It’s too late. I know Who You are! I have been shown! And, not only that! After being shown, I was given the job to come and talk to you about it! But not just to talk to you about it, but to lead you into your own Awakening, so that you don’t have to suffer any longer the need to hold up an image and project the world. Instead, you can come Home! Stop playing the games and come Home! The play is over. Act three, you disappear! I am here to announce the beginning of act three for you!

Is it time for your Resurrection?


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