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Rananda shares about Light!

Hello. How are you doing? Are you happy at church? Let me share with you something about Light.

I am not going to tell you something you do not already know. Because we all Know Everything, right? We do not pay attention to it all the time, but we Know Everything, don't we? Right? You hear the Truth and you go, “That is the Truth,” isn't it? When you hear a lie, you go, "Oh, oh, something is going on there; might not completely understand there; but something is going on there! Right?

But the Truth is always the Truth, unless it is a light that you make up. And when it is a light you make up, you made it so that you don't experience the Light that Your Creator created for You. Don't get so excited about trying to make the light. The Light is already everywhere. You are about opening to it to say:

"Help me remember. Holy Spirit, help me remember what it is that I need to remember. Because if you don't, I will make it up, because I want it so desperately."

You know how you desperately want the Light? Well, the ego knows that you desperately want the Light. So, it will be glad to make one up for you. Or you can have the One that is outrageous and is waiting for you to pay attention to It.

One of the most beautiful things about the Light that I would like everybody to remember is that you can't find Your Creator without finding the Light. Because You are the Light! When you experience the Light, you remember Who You are. And, once you remember Who You are, once you have that spark of that Light, once you have that recognition of the Light, when Your Light joins with Your Brother’s Light, You are joined. The only reason you don't know God, is because you don't always join. But, when you join Your Light with Your Brother’s Light, you can actually find Your Creator.

Now, all of you that say, you haven't found the Creator, that is, because you haven't enjoyed the Light that You are. You haven't been fascinated with the Light that You are. It just has to overcome all your beliefs in the world. That Light just shines so bright that the world is not so important any longer as the Light Itself is. And, in that Light you can invite Your Brother to join You. And, that is the complete Course in Miracles, isn't it? Right? You ask your brother to find that Light in Himself. You see it. You see the Light. And, then, he reminds you that he sees Your Light. And, then, what happens? There is a joining that takes place, and from that joining you have the ability to find Your Creator. You cannot do it by yourself. I don't care how bright you think you are. I don't care how dumb you think you are. You can't do it alone. You have to find the wisdom of finding that Light within yourself. Then you invite your brother,

"Please, see the Light with Me. See the Light rather than the world."

And, the world will change. The purpose of the world will change because it has to support the Light. Then you know without any question in your mind exactly, specifically, without any question whatsoever what you are doing here. Because You are the Light here. You are the Light of the world. There is not somebody else coming, You are the Light of the world. Because that is what Your Creator created You to be: the Light. You are created to be the Light. That is what You are. Everything else is an illusion. You can use it when it supports the Light. But you don't make it real because it will never be real. Those Lights have to join together. You, personally, have to find how Your Light can join with your brother’s Light. It is not difficult. Light finds it quite easy to join with Itself. It is really easy to join with Yourself. Hello, bright guys! Light finds it easy to join with itself!

So, when you think it is not You, then you have a hard time, don't you? You have a hard time to make that joining, because there is something that is keeping you, right? There is a barrier. There is a veil. There is something that keeps you separate. But there is nothing keeping the Light separate. Nothing is ever keeping the Light separate, ever! It is the Will of Your Creator that what is Real is Real forever. That is You. You are whole forever. Wouldn't it be really nice if you would encourage one another to see the Wholeness that You fit into? And, anything that represents the separation of that, you can bring it to the Light. You can bring the darkness to the Light, so that the Vision takes care of whatever it is that is going on in your mind and makes the world “real” to you. The world is never real to the Light. The light always reminds You that You are ONE with Your Creator. Forever. One Light joins with Another and They're All Home. Jesus says, "When I resurrected and when I ascended, I included you." You think your Awakening and your joining is in the future. I am here to tell you it is not in your future. I am here to tell you it has already occurred. And, all that you need is the memory activated in Your mind that that the Lights have joined. When you accept that the Lights have joined, you will have the value of those Lights being available for the Will of Your Father. You and the Will of Your Father in the Light. OK?

Stop projecting It as part of the future. You don't need the future to wake up. Can you hear me? Time has nothing to do with your Awakening. It is a fabric of the illusion. The Light has everything to do with your Awakening. That is where you want to be fascinated! Your Light and your willingness to join with your brother, rather than being lost in the characterizations that you are both using to have something that is alive in the world. Those characterizations are just a memory pattern that is associated with your body. It has nothing to do with the Light. And, you get so upset with everybody's characterization: Act like this. Talk like that. Do this. Stop doing that. That is all characterization stuff! It has nothing to do with the Light. Nothing. OK, that is your way home, the Light.

Remember what you really want. OK? I love you!


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