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More Light nourishment

Updated: Nov 2, 2018


We use everything that is part of our lives to bring us closer to the Truth.

In this light we also look at food and how we see it, what it represents for us, what beliefs we hold around it. And a very helpful way is to change ‘the routine’ of what we eat. So we have gone through a period of lightening up, which means that we had no dairy, only steamed vegetables, some protein or meat replacements, a fixed schedule of grains and beans, sauces that were mainly vegetable based, seeds and a restricted portion of nuts. No bread, no gluten, no sugar, simple spreads.

It has been very interesting to see the response to all of this. For starters our chefs had to change their routine of cooking and let go of their pride of what they are good at. They felt deprived of their means, like they were restricted in putting their love into the meal, to finally discover that love can also be the basis for a simple meal. What happened for instance is that they found beautiful ways of presenting salads and other dishes. They discovered new simple and loving ways of preparing food.

For all those enjoying the food, it also presented its challenges. In the beginning there was the feeling that things were lacking on the table. The mind-set had to change from following a pattern into surrendering to the program. And this is what eventually happened. And, what a gift it has been! It showed us how we are stuck in our habits and beliefs of what we like and need and cannot do without. Seeing it strongly reflected in our food, we have come to realize better how these beliefs are reflected in everything that we let pass by unchallenged. All areas of our lives are subject to the same conditioning!

So, the lightening up program definitely brought more Light into our lives. Thank God, thank Masters, thank brothers.



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