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Miracle of Love

Miracle of Love, Remembering Event February 2012

Rananda: So, you can take any concept that is in your mind that appears to you to be a problem, or an addiction, or whatever, however you perceive that and you can ask the Holy Spirit for help with that. And how soon will the Holy Spirit respond?

Audience: Immediately.

Rananda: How many times would it have to be healed?

Listener: Once. Until I accept it.

Rananda: Well, when is it healed? Has it already been healed? So, all that is left, is for you to accept it! So, when you go to the Holy Spirit, you are literally saying, “I am willing to accept the healing now! I recognize, in My Mind is a belief that it has not been healed. So, it is showing up as a problem and this is what the problem looks like.” So, the solution is to help you see that it has already been healed. Now, how could you possibly know that it has already been healed when you say that you are the thing that doesn’t know it has been healed? What would have to change? Your self-identity! You’ll have to know Who You are because, when you know Who You are, you’ll know you have already been healed! If you hold to the identity of ‘I haven’t been healed yet’, then you are talking about I (the false self-identity) want another moment before it is willing to disappear. But, tell me, whenever does the ego want to disappear?

Listener: Never!

Rananda: So, then, why does it want another moment before it disappears? Because it has no intent of ever disappearing! All it needs is another moment! That is why you guys always say, “I’ll get to this in my future. I am really working on myself.” Now you know why I don’t work that way. I don’t talk to you in that way. I have no allowance for that whatsoever! You can command it and get it because you are in charge of time, but I don’t teach it. That is why this room isn’t overpacked with people. Because they want time and they feel that I am too demanding time. But the only thing I am demanding is that you be What You already are! And, you are just not willing! Remember, willing? Do you remember willing?

You have lots of that, right? You are full of willing. You are just willing for things that have been hurting you. You split your willing. This is what Jesus teaches, doesn’t He? You have a split mind! You think it is OK to have two different, opposing thought systems at war with one another going on in your mind. You call it being normal! And, if you are not like that, you are abnormal.

Normal, dear Ones, is What God created! That is normal! The Universe is filled with What God created! Not the physical universe. God’s Universe! That is filled with normal God-things. That is What You are! This is abnormal. You know that because you get unhappy. And, unhappy is an indication of abnormal! Something is going wrong. If you are unhappy, something is wrong! Nothing goes wrong with God, really!

So, God, recognizing what it is that has happened in a moment of non-communication, is also the solution to that! God, being all the attributes that you say God has, is the answer to your moment of question. That is the solution! The Love of God is the solution to all that you call a problem, because God’s Love does not allow You to have problems! The only problem you could possibly have is that you think you have problems, that you are something that has problems. That would be a problem because that is not true. You are not something that has problems. Do you have any willingness for that? I mean, take a look at that. Do you have willingness to be something that does not have problems? If you look at it really, really deeply, you would say, “Well, that would be impossible as long as I have a body!”

And I would say, OK, here is a clue! The question would still be the same, “Are You willing to be something that doesn’t have problems?” Then, you would say to me, “Well, you are talking about being something that doesn’t have a body. I don’t really know if I am willing for that or not. I think I know what it is like to be something that works with a body. I don’t have any memory of what it is that you are talking about, of being something that doesn’t have a body and yet is still something that is quite vibrant, you know, alive, quite real.” Then I would say, “Well, that is not true!”

And now we would be arguing with one another again. You insist you don’t remember what it is like to be What God created. I insist You have the memory because God is keeping it for You. I am always siding with God and you are always complaining about the little bitchy thing that you are. Right? You bitch about this, you bitch about that. You have a problem with this, you have a problem with that. “So and so said this, so and so said that. Oh man, I am just unhappy because of … Let me tell you all the reasons why …” I mean, you are just bitching all the time basically. You are what the problem is! You think that you are the false self! According to me, that you is not Who You are!

Listener: Well, I’m going to sit in the chair now.

Rananda: And, I am the one that is happy and you are the one who is not! But, you don’t want to give up and I keep convincing you that that is the only way that that is going to change. The only way you are going to move from being unhappy to happy is, when you have a different identity! Because, less amount of problems is not Joy! And then we can do the dictionaries again if you want to, and find out what they think joy is. But I assure you, you’ll find the same kind of things with Love and, you know…

Questioner: So, what is happening with me is that, at the beginning of our gathering, and the music was playing, that whole feeling of self-consciousness comes up. So, actually, I feel in a box then, you know, and then …

Rananda: So, you are in a box and something helps you recognize: that is what you are thinking!

Questioner: Yeah! No! Then, what’s happening is, I want to find the place where I say, “No, I’m not going to give power and recognition to that! Because I really want this body to be used by Spirit and to be free to express itself! But, the only thing that seems to be going on is that I am going back and forth. Because …

Rananda: No, there is something else going on. I taught you how to pay attention!

Questioner: Right! Breathing!

Rananda: There is a doorway out of that apparent dilemma!

Questioner: Right. I just sit here because I am in the middle of that. I am joining with You and I stay with my breath and I feel the whole body kind of contract, you know, and I feel I really …

Rananda: Yeah! The ego is fighting because you are allowing it and indicating that you are OK with the disappearing now! “Bye, bye!” And it goes, “Grr, grr, what do you mean: bye, bye? I am not going anywhere! I am not going anywhere! Be aware of me! Be aware! Be aware of me! Me, me, me, me, me, me, me! I, I, I, I, I, I, I !” And you just go [Rananda makes the sound of breathing], “These are just thoughts going on in my mind! They don’t mean anything! They don’t mean anything to me anymore at all! I am interested in rising above the battle!”

You stay with your breath and it is like an elevator. It just leads you up into the Light! Go on up! [Rananda makes a sound of an elevator going up.] Then, this expanded state that you come into with your breathing, it heals the body. It takes care of the stress and the contraction. It is the best way of dealing with contraction. It is coming to a Light-filled state of mind, where Light will do the work of releasing the energy, that contracted energy, within your physical form. At that point you don’t even have to do the Violet Ray or Golden Energy or anything. You are just in an expanded state of awareness. And, that awareness itself is taking care of it.

Now, to get there, these are some of the things that you can practice to get there: working with the Violet Ray and so on and so forth. But, once you are in this state, it takes care of it. If it occurs to You to direct it, You direct it. If it occurs to You just to release it, you know, just let it do what it does with the body or someone else’s body. It is just amazing how it works! There are times when I just look at somebody and they heal! All I had to do is look at them. What was I doing? Just looking! Looking at Who They really are as real …

Audience: No, but what did you do?

Rananda: I didn’t do anything! I just looked at Who They really are, and they heal! How does that work? The Light does all the work! When you see the Truth of your Brother, they have the opportunity to heal! Well, how come they don’t heal every time You see your Brother? They don’t want to. Yeah! They say they want to, but they don’t want to! So, they don’t display it in the now time frame.


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