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Maarten shares a miracle

I would like to tell you about a beautiful experience. I think I can call it a transcendental experience.

During the last seven years, I regularly have been complaining about having a workload that's too big. I work for the government and my department wasn't really taking care. Basically, they left it to me to solve it myself.

About two months ago I was worrying again about that. Only more dossiers and less people to handle them. I felt a paralyzing, even destroying powerlessness.

Suddenly, I saw clearly that I was lying on a wooden cross and how long iron nails were being beaten in my body. BANG, BANG, BANG, with that typical sound of iron clashing with iron. “I am being crucified alive”, I thought. Until death follows, slowly but surely. Ego will finally be satisfied.

At that point, however, hand in hand with Holy Spirit, I realized, “I am doing this to myself! I am the one who is beating on the nails! I am the one who is being crucified!”

This insight must have been caused by my decision to bring it to the Light, again and again and again, just as long as was needed to chase that devil away, permanently! Then, the realization started dawning that the Christ in me never can be crucified! Wow! And, then, there came so much Light in my mind! And so much freedom!

From that moment on everything has been changing. A colleague with cancer is healing and asks for work again! Others from different offices are offering their help! New employees are hired! I don’t know what is happening. Yesterday I had to ask my team leader to stop asking for help outside our office, because I wouldn’t have anything to do anymore myself! Two years ago I had three cupboards full with dossiers and now this! Can you imagine!?



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