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Light Experience

I would like to share what happened in July 2018 during the 3-week Remembering event The Illumination That Shines from God’s Heart with Rananda.

It begins with Mary Magdalene, the beloved disciple of Jesus, who is always close by.

Her presence is tangible for me and there has always been a strong connection. Therefore it is also very special that on the 22nd July, Mary Magdalene’s holiday, I had a light experience, which brought a lot of clarity.

Hearing the truth when it is spoken, has been going on for longer and by joining with Rananda and for the rest letting go of everything, it is possible to follow and be in truth.

The experience in itself is beyond description.

‘We’ always want to know and understand, garner information, but that is not what it is all about.

I have no words to give it form and can only say,

the radiant light makes my heart sing …

My vision is clear, so that the realization dawns that not the dream but my ‘I’ is gradually disappearing.

Suddenly my sense of individuality is awakening again.

Everything goes as it goes, things begin to fall away.

Interests disappear and much is not really important anymore. I also notice I become quieter.

It is natural to be who you are, by taking everything as it comes with an inner quietness and peace.

Only God, what a joy, just being …

There are also moments in which everything I still hold ideas about, have an opinion about, is being played out in the world in the most intense ways.

As my ‘I’ is moving away from it, the counter force of the ego is also ready to charge in full strength.

Forgiveness has been given me as salvation. The only thing that is really helpful.

Sometimes I feel sadness because that what I have loved is falling away. Until the moment of grace, in which I recognize the true value.

It is a part of the awakening.

At present my power is in listening and meeting.

Spirit whispers to me what to say and that is enough.

The love which I bring through joining with my brothers, is given by God.

My gratitude is great.

I could sing of Your Love forever!



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