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Golden Christ Energy Experiences

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

In several places ACIM mentions is the Great Rays. There are twelve of them. Rananda uses mainly two on the path of Love because of their transformational capacity. They are the Violet Light and the Golden Christ Energy.

The Christ Energy, also called the Golden Light, is an energy that everyone experiences in their own highly personal manner. If you start working with It, always something will happen, even if you don’t notice it straight away. It is the energy of Love that is present always and everywhere and is available to everyone. This energy is the closest reflection of Perfection and therefore has the ability to heal.

Rananda familiarizes his students with working with this energy. You can experience it as a wave of Love, which washes over and through you; as if you submerge and solve in it. Surrender is crucial here. You only need to be willing to focus on experiencing Oneness and Love. Then the door is opened to remember Who You really are, which is Love Itself.

Personally I think it is great to be ‘in the Light’.

I breathe It in via my my crown, to my chest, which feels like one big heart, full of Light. From there I allow It to flow outward. Or to my hands with which I can pass It on to others.

I feel simply happy and have no need to think of my daily worries for a second. It is as If I am being lifted into the Light. As if I am being nourished by it. In the presence of Rananda it is sometimes as if the Light is overwhelming my ego; it is simply eliminated. It is the most beautiful thing I know.



I always experience peace when I open up and join with the Golden Light.



I experienced The Golden Christ Energy as an energy that takes me within my Self and takes me closer to the realization that there is no distinction between me and anything else. As the Light flows in, the Golden Christ Energy takes me deeper inside my heart and lets it expand until there is nothing but Me.



You Are Everything to Me

9-day Remembering Event January 2019

After seeing/hearing an interview that Patrick Kicken had with Rananda a few years ago I inwardly felt a strong attraction to experience a Remembering Event. I knew that here Truth was speaking and that in itself is a joy for the heart.

From the start of the retreat my heart experienced a LOT of Love; I was deeply touched by every word and again and again I observed the inner subtle ‘avoidance’ of the deep truth that Rananda spoke of by the ego. Again and again a ‘not being good enough for God’ showed up in me and the doubt that I am not already perfect in Who I really Am.

But this whole construction of denial is not part of reality and keeps man in denial if it is not seen first very clearly. The words that Rananda spoke were a frontal attack on this ego denial and worked like a sledgehammer.

Every day the healing of the Golden Light was noticeable. The length of the retreat seemed really necessary for not until the last day I felt no resistance any longer.

Every human runs into this denial, therefore meeting so much Light as is present in de Goudsberg, is life changing. Since the slightest denial causes suffering the Light therefore is the only True Medicine.

Take it, because that is what it is for! And the words in scriptures will become clear. Quench your heart with the Light – allow yourself to be touched – it is a choice between suffering and Living.



We spend much time being with the Golden Christ Energy. These sessions take on different forms. Sometimes we exchange the Energy through hands on, sometimes we simply sit together focused on breathing the Golden Light. No matter

the form, the effect is always very tangible.

When I lay my hands on a brother’s head, I often experience hands and head disappearing, simply dissolving into Light and Energy. It helps so much to look beyond our bodies and personalities to the Truth of us and anyone else for that matter. When I am simply present, aware of my breath, aware of the Light, I often realize after a while that I lost track of time and space.

These experiences seem to be registered by the body, the senses. Beyond that I notice a fundamental change in my being. It is more natural to trust this Light than the world in which I perceive myself. The world is less and less concrete; Truth, Light and Love are more and more at the basis of my experience. What a great gift and true help to leave the world behind and accept where I am Home.



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