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Golden Christ Energy

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Rananda has taught us over the years about The Golden Christ Energy. This is an excerpt from one of his talks.

Golden Christ Energy: Love and Light

The Golden Energy. Let it rip! Do you know what i mean by let it rip? Let this energy consume you, let it reveal itself as You. Let It … as Jesus said to me … let It come forth from every cell, so that your body can make that transformation to Light. It is an idea. I am telling you an idea. The cells can go to Light, rather than the density of which you hold it together with thoughts. And from that place of Light the cellular structure, idea, as Light it is easy for God to reveal God. Because you are not trying to hold a Self separate any longer. You can let it come as close as you can to Spirit, which is the expression of this Golden Light and from there it is so easy for the revealing. Okay?

Keep letting go and the Light will do the work.

This is what we are all about. Love and Light. Okay? This is what we are all about. Looove and Light. And it will show up in whatever way it does. Try not to judge yourself or the Light for the experience. Just keep letting go, keep letting go. Keep letting go and the Light will do the work. The Light will do the work and the work that it does is to dissolve all the energies that you have been using to hold yourself rigid.

More Love, more Light, more Love

And what that does is that it leaves more room in your mind for Light. And the more Light you get in your Mind, the more Love happens. Because you loooove the Light. And when you love the Light there will be more Light and when there is more Light there will be more love. And the next thing you know is you will find yourself willing to recognize You are what Love is. You are the Light! And then you will let the Love and the Light .. be. It will just be. It will just be. And it will use everything to express that Love and that Light.

Disappearance of the Universe

And in that expression is the disappearance of the Universe. Because you are not trying to make it anything other than an illusion. You’ve stopped trying to make it real. You have stopped trying to find the Light there. You’ve stopped trying to find the Love there.

Being the Love, being the Light

And you’ve recognized that by being the Love and the Light it is there within you, just expressing Itself. Not missing, not looking for it. Just being. Gently being what It is that You are. And recognizing forever that’s enough. It is enough to be You. It is enough to be the Love. It is enough to be the Light. Nothing is missing. Nothing needs to be accomplished. Just you be what You are created. No more working on a self. No more trying to change your brothers, no more any of the ideas in association with the illusion. There is just being what It is what You are.

The Happiness you seek awaits you

And when anything requests anything of you, it comes from that Beingness of the Love, and the Light. And you are so full and trusting in that, that it wouldn’t even occur to you to rely upon anything other than Your Own Beingness, knowing that there is nothing more, anywhere, than the Love and the Light that you recognize that You are. This is where the happiness you seek awaits you. Perfect and pure and being held for you. Patiently, for the moment that You are snoring. And you call that time. But it is being held for You. By a loving Reality. A loving Creator. Whatever words you want to use. Okay?”

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