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Angela and Jesus

Jesus, my Savior

I was not brought up with the bible or any kind of religion, but I had been in the church a few times with my grandmother. When I was 17 years old my grandmother cooked regularly dinner for the parish priest and sister of our local church and often I kept her company in the kitchen of the church.

And then I knew. I did not believe everything they told me in church, but I did belief in what Jesus real message is and therefore I wanted to be baptized. In that way I was showing Jesus: I belief in You and your message.

So when I was 18, I got baptized on Easter Vigil and choose Emmanuel (a reference to Jesus) as my baptize name. My heart knew Jesus message was much bigger and more amazing then what I had heard until then, but at that time I did not understand completely what it was.

Many paths in spirituality I followed, trying to find my way to awakening and God. For a long time I thought doing the right thing and acting loving in the way the world describes, meant I was following Jesus. What a mistake. Of course it is good to be a kind person and to be loving, but that is not what Jesus meant by following Him. How can I know what is loving and right?

The moment I came in contact with A Course In Miracles students and my Master Rananda it finally opened up for me. Finally I saw a picture in their building where Jesus was happy and smiling. And finally I heard His real message: You are already the Son of God. He is always with me literally. When He completed the resurrection and ascension, I did too. I can follow Him Home right now. It is not found in this world but in My Mind where I am one with God and Jesus. I am already saved.

From the moment I started to hear this message I knew: Yes, that is what I was looking for and what my Heart already knew. From there on my relationship with Jesus changed.

Jesus teaches me how to practice real forgiveness so I can let go of the false ideas, the false me and experience more and more who I really am. He is not far away in Heaven anymore and I am here by myself in this world. He is becoming real to me. He guides me always and I experience His Presence every day.

He is my Savior. He is my friend. He is my Lover. All what is required of me is my surrender and he takes care of everything. He is my way Home. And that to me is everything.

Thank You Jesus, I Love You

Angela Emmanuel


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