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A Miracle Of Love

The power of love is an expression that people sometimes use, but the real experience is the most wonderful thing you could ever wish for. I was blessed with a miracle that showed up as a strong energy that instantly moved through me. It was not merely a strong feeling of love for another person, but an experience of being the love itself and becoming one with the so-called other person. I knew exactly what to do and say when all of this happened.

So, how did this miracle of love show up? And what did it look like in the story of the world? The days before the miracle I felt aggressive. I was looking and praying for another way. On the actual day of the miracle I found a way to be joyful and still prayed for a shift. I went to work and a consultation meeting for students was planned. Students were allowed to come and visit during this hour for a specific purpose.

A student entered the room who was showing a different kind of energy. He seemed uninterested in the purpose of the meeting and a little bit provocative. Although I talked to him, I couldn’t pinpoint what was going on with him. Internally I kept on asking for help in this situation. Despite my efforts, I noticed we were getting more and more into tension and some kind of battle. It turned out he had come for a consultation of another assignment which was not the purpose of the meeting.

I asked another colleague to sit with the students and asked this particular student to come to my office. We had a talk about the other assignment and his questions. I said I was sorry how we started off. He also felt sorry and I said that we could start over. I asked him how he was doing, and he told me that he received bad news earlier that day: a village in his home country in the middle-east had been destroyed.

Then from one moment to the other a strong energy started moving through me and there was so much love. I felt that I was only love and it felt as if he was part of me. It is difficult to describe, but it was as if I was his mother or as if it was “my” mother-love that filled him. He started crying and he said he never cries.

I talked to him about forgiveness and that he had to end the war within him. I said that he knew what revenge would lead to and that he had to choose for love. I knew exactly what to say. I said that I cared about him, but it felt that this was coming from a different and deeper place inside of me than usual.

He kept on crying and saying sorry about our start of the meeting. While the tears kept pouring, he stuck out his hand to shake mine as a peace offering and a sign of apology. I felt just as sorry as he was and could see the savior in him, because we both could release, in that moment, the battle and aggression that was inside of us. I was so incredibly grateful for our encounter. The uplifted state of love within me continued also after our meeting.

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