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You’ll Never Walk Alone

€ 14.95


For this book Rananda gathered quotes from Jesus from A Course in Miracles and the modern day Aramaic New Testament with the intent to be of inspiration for everyone interested in enlightenment or waking up. This book offers undeniable clarity about the message and the meaning of Jesus Christ.

From the Introduction by Rananda


“I have gathered together in this book many of the things Jesus is reported to have said. I have also included his clarifications found in the Modern Day Testament called “A Course in Miracles”. After reading them you might have a clearer understanding of what he is saying. His human life was an extraordinary demonstration of love through forgiveness. He, indeed, is a remarkable example of the acceptance of the Will of God as his own.”


As you read through the pages remember that this book was made just for You. Read each page with an open mind and heart and you cannot fail to hear your own Voice calling to You.


ISBN 978-90-78582-03-8

Pages: 266

Format 5.1x7.5x1 inches

Year: 2007

You'll never walk alone

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