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The Foolish Journey into Fear Ends Here

€ 19.95


This book will make you realize that this is the help you called out for in lonely nights and you say no-one answered. Here it is! Let the Light and Love of these words touch you … absorb you … let them have you!!!


From the Foreword by Suzanne Moran

The talks that have made up this book were held over a few years’ time in the little town of Lelystad, The Netherlands and attended by about 35-50 people each night.

Many of the ideas that Rananda speaks about from his experiences, can be very disturbing to one’s mind or perhaps they will be ideas that you have held dear for many years and have been sure are true. No matter what tradition you have decided to practice, you will find that what Rananda teaches is the heart of all spiritual teachings, as he never preaches a specific tradition other than the timeless tradition of reliance upon our Creator for everything.

Although transcripts of talks are helpful as information, it is sharing the living frequency of The Truth that quickly changes lives. People came to these talks for different reasons but Rananda always directed them to attend to their transformation, to remember that their relationship with their Creator is to take priority over all other relationships. Rananda has a unique and at times very humorous way of leading people into the recognition of where the need for healing takes place in the mind.

I am sure that those who read this book with an open mind and grateful heart will benefit greatly from whatever effort that requires. You are not being asked to agree with what Rananda has to say but just the reading of his talks will have a profound effect upon your life’s journey and the remembering of your True Self.


ISBN 978-90-78582-05-2

Pages: 361

Format: 5.8x8.1x1.1 inches


Year: 2011

The Foolish Journey into Fear Ends Here


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