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Not Alone


Jesus talks about his journey over 2000 years ago on Earth and gives a personal account on what this meant to him. “I came to bring a simple Truth to the world.”


In this book, called Not Alone, Jesus reminds you, “I want to tell you what it means to me to be on Earth and to be the Savior of all of humanity. God is calling you Home!”


Also, Jesus conveys his relationship with the Christian Apostles and then reveals the True purpose of space and time!


In the second part of the book, he is inviting you personally to join him in Truth and Love. He is telling you, “You are Not Alone”.


ISBN: 978-90-785-8219-9

Auteur: Anonymous

Publisher: Magnum Opus Ministries Netherlands

Pages: 62


Year: 2023

Not Alone

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