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With a foreword from the Great White Brotherhood of Light, “This book is only for those who know the truth and are not afraid to ace fantasy. This book is for all who are prepared to cry for mankind, to cry for joy for the Self and to sing for the Heaven and the existence of true Angels.”



In Gloriana Rananda takes you back in time, to the period of a great civilization, Atlantis. Through the stories from her grandmother a girl from our time remembers that she once was a priestess in Atlantis. She meets Phylo, the guardian of the key of the Akashic Records. He reveals to her how she once was connected with Aldon, the greatest magician of Atlantis. The great strength of their relationship is reflected in the fact that they place their love for mankind above the fulfillment of their deep love for each another. The emphasis is on unconditional Love for our Creator, which lifts us above the love we feel for each other in this world.

Get carried away by a journey to a world, which invokes in many of us a memory. A world of magic, of healing through sound and color, of miraculous crystal caves and a magical egg which needs to be protected at all times.


Gloriana, written in a simple language. is suitable for all ages. For in each of us lingers a spark waiting to be fanned into a blazing fire of Love.


ISBN: 978-90-78582-04-5

Pages: 141

Format 5x7.5x0.5 inches


Year: 2008



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