You’ll never walk alone


Voor dit boek heeft Rananda citaten samengevoegd uit Jezus’ Cursus in Wonderen en het Moderne Nieuwe Testament uit het Aramees om helderheid te brengen over het leven en de betekenis van Jezus Christus.

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ISBN 978-90-78582-03-8
Jaar: 2007

Pagina’s: 258

Formaat: 13x19x2,5
Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: paperback



Rananda does not claim that this message is original to this time nor to just him but that, in fact, it has always been available within your Self.
Rananda is One who is willing to stand up and share what has been revealed to him as The Truth.

As you read through each page remember that this book was made just for You. Read each page with an open mind and heart and you cannot fail to hear your own voice calling to You.

How long? Oh, how long, my brothers will you journey
without remembering? Does not the cold of the winter’s
night grow bitter to your taste? Does not the heat of the
summer’s sun draw you to the well within? There is a
solution! It awaits you within the softness of your inner
joining with the Stranger that you have been ignoring, yet
Who has always loved you. I encourage you to embody
your Higher Self or whatever you want to call the You
that knows Its Source…


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